Ann Dishinger On Sustainable Spring Fashion in the Industry

A picture of what unseen, unsustainable fast fashion looks like. Designers like Ann Dishinger Chicago are moving towards slow fashion sighting numberable benefits


If you love fashion design, you are almost undoubtedly aware that while this is a wonderful industry, it also has some problems in terms of its environmental impact. Fast fashion is becoming a significant issue in our world – but some fashion designers are making efforts to combat that.

Ann Dishinger is one fashion designer looking to create “slow fashion” for her fans. She is focused on making high-quality attire that will wear well for a long time, and she’s aware that many designers today need to put their energy into thinking about what will happen to the clothing they produce.

Today, we’re going to take a look at sustainable spring fashion and how designers like Ann Dishinger are making efforts to improve their approach to style and protect the planet at the same time.

What Is The Problem With Fast Fashion?

You have likely come across the term “fast fashion” before, and you may already be aware of some of the issues it causes – but there are quite a few, which we will break down very briefly here. 

Fast fashion is often harmful to the planet because it is produced quickly and cheaply, which tends to cause a significant amount of waste and may damage the ecosystems where the materials are harvested.

There’s also a lot of pollution associated with the creation process, and the garments tend to be poor quality, which means that they are only used for a short period, and then discarded. This results in landfill sites across the planet being stuffed with waste fabric, causing even more environmental issues.

Some items are thrown away even before they are worn out simply because they no longer suit the current trends, and they were briefly popular styles that won’t be worn again for many years.

Furthermore, fast fashion damages the people involved in the creation process, which may need to be better paid and work in better conditions.

This is a concise overview to give you some ideas about the problems being faced – so what can designers like Ann Dishinger, who want to make a difference, do to tackle those problems?

How Can “Slow Fashion” Help?

 A picture of clothes hanging on a clothing rack outside in a busy shopping market. Designers like Ann Dishinger sometimes put their products outside their brick-and-mortar store to attract customers and highlight their newest in-style looks.

Slow fashion designers like Ann Dishinger are working on addressing all of these problems. Slow fashion is about creating sustainable designs that will last. This has multiple aspects:

  • The quality is higher so that the clothes will not wear out or develop holes quickly
  • The appearance is more classic, so the clothes should remain in style for many years
  • The harvesting of materials and the way that they are handled is undertaken with more care for the environmental impact
  • The workers are given better conditions, and they are expected to produce fewer pieces to a higher standard

That might sound very simple, but it does come with a few caveats, as designers like Ann Dishinger know very well. 

The most significant one is that this type of fashion tends to be noticeably more expensive for several reasons. 

First, fewer pieces will be sold with this approach (the whole point is to reduce consumption).

Secondly, because good working conditions and sound environmental practices are prioritized, costs tend to be higher. Wages are better, and harvesting methods are more careful, inevitably making the clothes more expensive.

Consumers must be willing to pay more for the clothes – but they will receive better pieces that last longer. It seems that this is how the trend is currently going.

How Are Designers Like Ann Dishinger Making A Difference?

Ann Dishinger is working hard to make her designs sustainable and create pieces that can be worn repeatedly. Her spring fashion collection is full of classic, timeless pieces that will last for many springs to reduce the waste associated with fashion.

Ann Dishinger Chicago is an experienced designer who has been working in the world of fashion for a long time, so she’s well aware of the industry’s strengths and weaknesses and the impact that it currently has on the environment. With her insight and understanding, she is well-placed to make a big difference in fashion design.

Consumers everywhere are looking for attractive but sustainable pieces that they can add to their closets and then use for multiple seasons, and Ann Dishinger is meeting that demand with her classic pieces. 

You won’t be tossing these in the garbage after just a few months of wear because you’re bored or because they have developed faults.

Instead, they’ll be in your closet for many years, and you’ll develop firm favorites you turn to whenever you need a classic outfit.

We all know that the fashion world needs to change and embrace sustainability, and Ann Dishinger knows that the demand for such pieces is there. All that’s left to do is create things her customers will love in ways that are kind to the planet – and that’s precisely what she is now doing.

You will see this coming out in a lot of her spring collection for 2023, where you can find high-quality pieces that will last for many years. 

It’s good to see this sort of change appearing because we are all becoming increasingly aware of how our consumption affects the planet and the changes we need to make for the sake of everybody. Ann Dishinger is among the fashion designers leading the way toward a better and more fashionable future for everybody to enjoy.


Fast fashion is quickly becoming the very thing it hates – unfashionable. Today, consumers are looking for brands that will last, fabrics they can trust, and classic designs that will look great for many years. Check out Ann Dishinger’s upcoming spring collection for some fantastic pieces that are great for people and good for the planet.

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