Apples and Oranges! Seasonal Apple Treats from Trader Joe's, and a bareMinerals Mascara Made with Orange Peel

Apples and Oranges! Seasonal Apple Treats from Trader Joe’s, and a bareMinerals Mascara Made with Orange Peel

I’m putting on a mascara that has orange peel fibers in the formulation!

A person of my preferred traces from one of my preferred movies is from “Good Will Searching,” and it is when Matt Damon’s character, Will, tells off a snotty university scholar by indicating, “How you like them apples?” Ahhh! Traditional.

Talking of apples, I popped into TJ’s yesterday and it was all apple everything. I grabbed the Harvest Apple Salad Package (the dressing is super yummy I add chopped tough boiled eggs for additional protein), a jar of the Apple Cider Fruit Distribute and a bottle of the Honey Crisp Apple Cider.

I arrived this shut to acquiring a box of the Apple Hand Pies in the bakery area, but I explained to myself that I required to chill mainly because I’m making it my mission to eventually bake an apple pie from scratch.

Pies are so intimidating to me! There is so many steps, appropriate? You have acquired to make the crust, and then the filling. Then you have to assemble it, and bake it, and then hold out without end and a day for the pie to awesome so you can basically reduce it without the need of it slipping apart… I never know, it just appears to be so a great deal tougher as opposed to cakes, cupcakes or brownies.

Anyway, it’s time for me to embark upon a pie quest, so I have been researching a variety of apple pie recipes. All this to say, if you have a sound apple pie recipe, you should go it together, and put me out of my distress. I seriously require to bake this pie and get it out of my method, LOL! out?v=3Uoh82gJvbE

Ok, from apples to oranges… I’m even now on the hunt for a new favourite mascara, and I lately experimented with a person by bareMinerals named Maximist which takes advantage of orange peel fibers to incorporate quantity. Attention-grabbing! The brush is crazy-city – way much too massive!

If you are hunting for significant lashes, this mascara retains the curl, does not flake or smudge, lengthens, gets rid of easily… Basically, the whole shebang! The brush messes factors up, though. It picks up way way too significantly solution, and unless of course I’m really fantastic about eliminating the excessive, the mascara finishes up clumpy and messy. Much too terrible. It could’ve been excellent. The look for continues.

Have a excellent relaxation of your Wednesday.

Your pleasant neighborhood elegance addict,


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