How To Invest In Jewellery

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Jewellery is a beautiful thing to own and it can mean so many things. For some it is a reminder of a loved one, others see it as an investment in your family’s future. With the situation in the world at the moment, many people are not trusting the banks or stocks as much and are wanting other ways in which they can protect their money. Maybe you have investment pieces for when your children grow up or when they get married, the reasons are endless as to why you would want to invest in some piece of jewellery. 

Diamond and jewellery investing can be profitable if done correctly, but the issue is that it is pretty easy to invest in the wrong pieces which can cause you to lose money. In this article, we will go through how to invest in jewellery the right way. 

Where should I Purchase Investment Jewelry?

To get a better understanding of why jewellery is priced as it is, we need to go through the process briefly. Jewels and metals are first mined, processed, sent to a laboratory and then it is sold to a manufacturer. The manufacturer will create the piece of jewellery but must sell it to a wholesaler at a price that covers costs and delivers a profit. The wholesaler will then sell it to make a profit to a retailer. The retailer then needs to sell this at a price that covers their costs and make a profit. Once the piece of jewellery is on you, the price has been marked up 3 times. 

Jewellery Auctions: Auctions are a good place to start your investment as this offers the opportunity to learn more about jewellery and prices. Be careful to not fall subject to “shillers” where they boost the price up.

Pawn Shops: If you know what you are doing, pawn shops can find some antique or vintage jewellery. Prices also tend to be lower than anywhere but ensure you bring a professional if you don’t know what you’re looking for. 

Online Jewellery Wholesaler: Online businesses have a lot less overhead than that of bricks and mortar businesses so are able to pass the savings on to their customers. Ensure you review and assess the site and company before giving them your money. 

What To Purchase?

Not every quality piece of jewellery goes up in value even older pieces just as antique or vintage jewellery. You could have a really unique vintage sapphire engagement ring, but if it is ugly, you may find it difficult to sell for more than you purchased it. If you have decided to invest in jewellery, whether you purchase them from an auction or wholesaler, we have compiled some trends of pieces that have held their value. 

Jewellery made between 1920 and 1935: This period created strong linear designs, they look similarly modern today which makes them highly sort after. 

Attractive Jewellery: Old jewellery can be vintage or antique, but they don’t have to be beautiful. If the piece isn’t seen as beautiful in today’s trend, then people are not going to want it. Ensuring pieces have a lasting impression is certainly the best way to go. 

Loose Diamonds: Wholesale certified diamonds are less likely to lose value and are great for investment. Since the diamonds are not yet placed in jewellery settings, you can find some diamonds for great prices.