Nikolas Bentel on pursuing “Art” as a career

nikolas and lukas bentel construct the geodesic igloo from triangular  sheets of ice | Construction Buzz #210 - UK Construction Week 2022

You have a gift for creating fashionable things. However, you need to learn more to convert your passion into a successful business. Investing time and money into a business entails risks; there is no doubt about that. However, given a greater need for trendy things, your fashion, design, and art form can quickly rebound with your commitment to success.

One big name in this regard happens to be Nikolas Bentel. He is an artist and a designer. Nik produces performances and products that inspire viewers to think twice about the things they use daily. Businesses have hired Bentel, a Brown-RISD dual degree program graduate, to produce distinctive experiences using product design, advertising, and performance art. Nik formerly worked out of the New Inc art + design office at The New Museum and has recently completed his Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University.

In the fields of fashion, design, and the arts, he is particularly interested in creating new aesthetics, products, and concepts. Nik believes it might be challenging to enter the fashion industry. However, fashion occupations can be pretty tempting for young, innovative university graduates who are passionate about the fashion industry and eager to make their imprint on it. Brilliant creatives and cutting-edge strategists must collaborate in this brutally competitive industry to stay ahead of swiftly evolving trends and a target audience. So, Nikolas Bentel is the one to look up to if you are interested in any art! 

Continue reading to learn more about Nik’s definition of being an artist and how he sees himself. 

Nik states that one of his passions has always been creating. “I began working as a designer after graduating from art school. I later focused on designing for both small and large businesses. The best part about design is that it teaches you about many brands.” Years later, I began to consider how wonderful it would be to have my own company or line of goods. I started experimenting, refining my artistic approach, and thinking about my art as a brand. I kept doing this because I enjoyed how I was working, and soon after, I decided to pursue art full-time.”

Nikolas considers himself to be a leader in the field of art. He is incredibly appreciative that he gets to work as an independent artist. “For me, being an artist is “work,” just like any other employment. Being an artist entails having the drive to work as an all-around artist, which goes beyond simply producing art. Being an artist requires a lot of self-investment and experimentation.” According to Nik, one thing you always deal with as an artist is the lack of inspiration or motivation. However, one should give themselves time each week to create new art pieces. “As an artist, I try to keep these periods of inquiry to a set amount of time; this adds discipline to my work and generally works the best for me.”

Nik being the best in his field advises young artists to try and develop their unique way of creating art, a way that comes closest to their feelings and the way they love to work. According to him it is the best way to pursue “art” as a career!

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