Tips For Repairing a Broken Barbie Neck

Tips For Repairing a Broken Barbie Neck

Barbie dolls are so popular just about every little girl has at least one. No need to toss or forget about your Barbie doll if she happens to have anatomical issues. If your daughter’s Barbie doll has a damaged neck, do not despair – it is easy to repair! Following are a few tips to assist you in fixing the broken neck of a Barbie doll.

Super glue should be used. In the case your child or you have been playing roughly with your doll you may need to make a slight neck repair. Utilize some maximum strength glue to mend your Barbie if she has small crack in the neck. A toothpick will come in handy to push the adhesive into any cracks of the Barbie doll neck. Make certain to press firmly with your fingers as the glue sets, this will help to ensure that it binds the correct way. You will find yourself fixing your Barbie often if you use hot glue instead to do this repair.

A neck ribbon might be added. It may be necessary to use something stronger than crazy glue if the crack in the neck of your Barbie doll is larger than a slight or small crack. This may result in an eyesore that turns Barbie into the exact opposite of a high fashion model. You can hide a Barbie’s broken neck with a strip of tied ribbon. Needless to say, you should use adhesive to reattach the neck. Since the break is severe and because you are unable to hide the ugly glue, conceal the flaw by adding a neck ribbon on top of it as it begins to dry. Find a thin for type of ribbon – the width should not be bigger than Barbie’s neck. Afterwards, fasten it around Barbie’s neck. The ribbon will look like a chic neck scarf. Complete the ribbon at the neck by tying a bow. The accessory will be permanent so, so choose a nice-looking ribbon for the doll.

A portion of doll may be replaced by you. It’s obvious that Barbie dolls can undergo a lot of reconstructing when bigger brother and other destructive friends are around. Replacing Barbie’s broken neck may be the only practical solution if the break is too severe to repair. This is not ideal but it may be the case. You can also replace the entire upper half portion of a Barbie, but some Barbies do not let you do this. If you cannot replace the upper part then you should replace the neck. Use a sharp blade to take off Barbie’s broken neck to make room for a new one. You can cut low enough to allow the clothing to mask the scars. If this isn’t possible it may be time to give up on your broken Barbie.

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