Why Glasses are the Best Invention Ever?

Statistics say that over 4 billion people around the world need glasses. That’s an astounding number. That’s more than half of the population. See more about this on the link.

These numbers might have been less in the past, but it’s clear that as people get older, they experience more visual impairment issues. Back in the day, they also had trouble seeing, but the technology was not as advanced and people didn’t have what to do about it.

Glasses were invented in the 13th century

Although this aid was invented almost a millennium ago, its true recognition and massive use started only in the 1900s. People from many parts of the world were not particularly interested in them, and they were considered as a sign of weakness.

When they realized that there’s nothing wrong, everyone who had a need started wearing them. Today, only in America there are around 164 million people wearing glasses.

The item changed along the way

There’s a huge change that this item suffered throughout the centuries. Lots of different ideas and looks were tested until we reach what we have today. Even now, the frames are changing rapidly to meet the fashion criteria.

The actual seeing glass, or the lens on them, is intact and will probably never suffer any change. The reason for this is that it is based on science and it serves the purpose of correcting the angle through which lights get to our eyes.

How do they actually work?

Most people suffering from visual impairment have the issue of the retina that distorts the light getting in the eye. With it, we see blurry. This is something that is easily fixed with getting the right lens.

The lenses are made that way to redirect the light to the exact place in the eye. With it, they correct the image of the objects we observe, and we suddenly start seeing clearly. This is why we must see an ophthalmologist and let them test our sight.

Ophthalmologists are professionals who know exactly how much our vision is distorted and what kind of lenses we require. They will write us a prescription, which we can use to get a new pair.

There are lots of companies today producing amazing glasses that can be acquired through prescription. Unlike before, now these companies create truly appealing pieces. Take a look at the Oliver Peoples Glasses, and see how cool some of their frames are.

However, the frames mean nothing without a proper lens. The prescription will explain exactly what type of glass you need, and the frames will come additionally. Find the lenses, and choose the frames afterward.


If there wasn’t for the seeing glasses, billions of people would’ve still struggled with not being able to see. Imagine a world in which you can only see that something’s happening in front of you, but you’re not sure what it is. That’s why this is the greatest invention in the world.