All About Creating The Best Gift Boxes For Women

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Creating some special gift boxes for women will make them feel very special. One of the best gift boxes you can prepare for a woman is a self-care box. We all know someone who doesn’t spend enough time caring for themselves. Maybe it is your mom, sister, your best friend or even your boss. They are overworked, they are constantly stressed and you can see them burning out. And self-care is most likely the last thing on their mind.

That is exactly the type of person who might need a little push in the self-care direction. And that is where a self-care package, maybe in the form of a holiday, birthday, thank you, or just because a gift can come in handy. Think of self care packages for friends as a collection of a few goodies they can use in order to create or boost their own self-care routine.

Easy self-care ideas

Prior to sharing some specific package ideas, maybe you need some inspiration. First things first, start by asking yourself the question, “what is the favorite thing of the recipient to do for themselves?”

Are they runners? Do they live workout classes? Maybe they love to read. Or can think of nothing better than an at-home spa day. Once you pick that “thing”, you can build your self-care package around that.

For the spa lover

This package is for the person in your life who loves the idea of creating an at-home spa experience. We are talking about work! A bath, candles, soft music, maybe a good book. The goal with this package is to help them create that relaxing atmosphere of a spa at home. Here is what you can include:

  1. Dry brush
  2. Primally pure flower bath
  3. Lavender eye mask
  4. Soy candle
  5. Primally pure body butter

For the natural beauty lover

There are a lot of people who love natural beauty and skincare. So, this self care box is geared towards creating this amazing facial experience at home. You can mull over including some of the following items in this box:

  1. Raw manuka honey
  2. Cocokind sea clay mask
  3. Naturopathica neroli facial oil
  4. Green jade roller
  5. Gua sha stone

For the endorphin seeker

Creating a self-care gift box for the ones who flexes their self-care muscle with movement is pretty easy. They could be a runner, a group fitness person, or maybe just a stroller. But they love to get their heart pumping and sweating a little bit. Mull over putting the following things in their gift box:

  1. Vegan protein bars
  2. Ear warmer
  3. Class voucher to their favorite studio
  4. Natural deodorant

For the chiller

You know, the one who loves to just be home and relax. This self-care package is designed to help them get cozy at home. Consider including the following:

  1. Cozy socks
  2. Campfire mug
  3. Hot chocolate packets
  4. Soy candle
  5. A new book

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