Discover the right fashion of Muay Thai boxing training at Phuket in Thailand and sportswear

Muay Thai – Phuket Fight Club

Training for Thai boxing in Thailand is one of the best ways to work on your fitness, weight loss, and overall health. If you have decided to travel to Thailand for a weekend or a few weeks, then it is crucial to prepare all you need before traveling.  

One of the most important things to prepare for your trip is the training gear and sportswear for your training. Many people would rather purchase all that they need for Thai boxing training before embarking on the trip so that they don’t need to do much else when they arrive. But some people would rather wait until they visit Thailand to do their shopping. 

Whether you’re planning to shop in Thailand or any other place, let us look at the kinds of training gear and design of sportswear you need for Thai boxing training. 

First, you should know that most Muay Thai sportswear in Phuket come with different designs and fashion, and you might have several options to choose from. 

Here’s a list of Muay Thai sportswear you need to buy: 

  • Muay Thai Boxing Shorts    

Muay Thai shorts are not styled like other sporting shorts. They have a different design that is seen in their length, legroom, and fashionable elements on the shorts. 

Your best choice of Muay Thai shorts is the MMA-designed shorts, but you don’t need to use them. You can shop for any short you find comfortable and one that offers sufficient legroom. 

  • Muay Thai Tops    

There are also designated tops for Muay Thai, but they are not as popular as shorts. This is because many men go topless when they train in Muay Thai. Those who don’t often wear comfortable shirts and singlets. 

As for women, bra tops are often more popular than Muay Thai design tops because many ladies find them more comfortable. But a Muay Thai top is also a feasible option. 

  • Boxing gloves    

There are special designs of Muay Thai gloves from Phuket and Thailand that you can find when you go shopping. These gloves are created to better suit your hand and give you a firm grip while you’re boxing and sparring. 

Muay Thai boxing gloves protect your hands from injuries during training, and they can e replaced with hand wraps if you find gloves too heavy. 

  • Shin Guards    

Shin guards help to protect your shin when you start sparring to avoid injuries. They might not be important in your first few days of training, but once you begin to train at an intermediate level, you’ll need shin guards to protect your legs. You’ll also need mouth guards to protect you from punches and injuries. 


If you’re wondering whether you can get Muay Thai sportswear in Thailand, you don’t have to worry because there are a lot of shopping malls and training centers in Thailand where you can purchase the sportswear of your choice. Muay Thai Stadium is a Muay Thai boxing shop in Phuket too.  

There are so many designs available for you to choose from, so you can enjoy great fashion as you train for Muay Thai boxing in Thailand.