Luvme Hair- 6 Tips To Achieve Beautiful Waves Hairstyle

Luvme Hair- 6 Tips To Achieve Beautiful Waves Hairstyle

Luvme Hair- 6 Tips To Achieve Beautiful Waves Hairstyle

Wavy hair is a celebrity hairstyle for a reason: they look spectacular on almost everyone since the carefree vibe flatters many facial shapes, hair types, and ages. Wavy hair has been popular since Shakira’s WAKA WAKA, and people have been obsessed with those beautiful golden waves that seem like a golden stream. 

Some people have devised several methods for transforming their straight hair into waves; some use salon treatments, while others opt for do-it-yourself techniques. For many, waves are not just a means of adding volume to their hair but also a way to bring some structure to messy hair.

If you want wavy hair at home, we have some tips to achieve luxurious waves with minimum effort. Whatever style you choose, always add a fixing spray, gel, or foam to hold the waves in place for a longer time. But if you don’t want to go through a lengthy process, try Luvme Hair’s wigs instead.

Top tips on creating waves at home

1. The Bun Method

You’ll need an anti-frizz serum, bobby pins, and a hair brush to get this look.

While your hair is still wet, start by combing out every kink and knot in it. Use an anti-frizz product to prevent your hair from frizzing up as it dries. Select a 2-inch section of hair from the area left of your parting, then divide it along the center. As you keep adding hair from both sides, start to twist it. Put your hair up in a bun and secure it with a pin behind your ear. To hold the hair in place, you can also use hair elastics. 

Form a bun out of your twisted hair. Repeat on the right side. Then leave your hair in these twisted buns overnight, and you’ll have lovely wavy hair the following day.

2. The Scarf Method

This scarf hairstyle is ideal for a pin-up appearance, and when you open it, your hair will be the waviest. To obtain beautiful wavy hair, tie it up overnight and loosen it in the morning. You will need a scarf, hair elastics, and texturizing spray are required for this hairdo.

All you can do is apply the texturizing spray all over your wet hair and put a hair elastic a few inches above your hair’s ends. Make a knot in the center of your scarf. Wrap your scarf over your head and pull the end of the ponytail over it. Start to roll the scarf over the head while winding it around your hair.

3. Straightener Method

This wavy hair method is ideal if you want to eliminate the frizz in your hair. This straightener technique produces results in minutes. A flat iron, dry shampoo, sea salt spray, and hairspray are all you need.

Begin by applying dry shampoo to the roots of the hair. Make a section in the upper part of your hair. Curl the lower part of the hair just at the bottom with a flat iron. Repeat the previous procedure with the top hair unclipped. Sprinkle on some spray and twist the hair with your hands to add texture to the waves.

4. Fish Tail Method

A fishtail braid is the simplest way to get the popular wavy look. This haircut requires a texturizing spray and some hair elastics.

Apply the texturizing spray and divide your hair into two halves. Add some hair from the outside of your left half to the inside corners of your right section. This step should be repeated until the braid is complete. Then, using a hair elastic, secure it. This braid should be kept in your hair overnight. Shake it out the next morning to flaunt your waves.

5. Hair Scrunching Method

This technique doesn’t require combs, brushes, or clips, only your hands and a towel. Start by drying your hair using a towel and add a volumizer. Squeeze your hair from the ends for a few seconds by balling it together in your palms. Repeat every fifteen minutes till your hair is totally dry.

6. Deep wave wigs

DIYs are fun but require a lot of time and effort that you don’t always have. This is where human hair wigs come to the rescue. They allow you to carry any type of wave hairstyle of your choice without spending hours achieving the look.

If you’re looking for high-quality wigs, you can browse Luvme Hair’s online store for deep wave wigs that are bouncy and smooth. Their wigs are easy to install and offer a much-needed respite to women with busy schedules. 

Luvme Hair- A Complete Wig Store

Luvme Hair offers hair wigs designed for modern women who always want to look great but with minimum hassle. You can shop for a wide variety of styles, cuts, and colors with Luvme Hair. From deep wave wigs to curly human hair wigs and headband wig human hair. The brand also provides consultation services to help you find the right wig style. 

Helena, the founder of Luvme Hair and a firm believer in female independence and self-realization, aspires to deliver awe-inspiring beauty to women worldwide. She “combed” the wig business and discovered that quality was being reduced owing to a lack of invention and elaboration. Then she cleverly created her signature and game-changing frontal wigs, 360 wigs, and so on, which could protect one’s hair while also serving as excellent alternatives to traditional full lace wigs.


Wavy hair is an excellent option when you don’t want to wear straight or curly hair. This relaxed hairdo looks stunning on every occasion, meaning Luvme Hair’s wavy wigs should be a staple in your wig wardrobe.

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