Plus Size Dresses – What Is Considered Plus Sized?

Plus Size Dresses – What Is Considered Plus Sized?

Women who are plus size usually find it hard to get clothes for them. At times women who are plus size have to compromise on style while selecting dresses; some just buy the piece that fits them well even if they did not like the color or pattern. But there are some designers and stores where you can get stylish plus size dresses. But first we have to know what plus size really is!

What is plus size? At times people do not actually know about their body type because there are different types in plus size; each type differs from the other. If you are plus size you must know about your body type and where you have extra flab and get your dress according to that.

Some people are obese and have a round body. These women have problem to find dresses that fit them around the midsection. People with such a body look weird if they wear tight clothes. If you are obese you can camouflage your huge belly and round figure by wearing dark colors. You should consider wearing colors like navy blue, emerald green or dark purple. Do not wear big floral patterns, instead consider wearing thin vertical stripes as this can create an illusion of slimmer body, so go for such patterns.

At times people are taller than the average. Such people also face problem in getting dresses. These people are also considered as plus size. You can balance your extra height by wearing light colors like beige, gold, grey or pearl white. Do not wear vertical stripes if you are tall, short dresses with horizontal stripes take away the impression of being extra tall.

Some women have normal sized upper body but have wide hips. Such women really have problem to find a pair of jeans or a dress that can camouflage it. If you have huge hips then you should not wear A-line dresses as this will make your hips look even larger. You can wear designs with frills covering the top of the dress to balance out the oddity at the lower end.

Women who are busty also fall in this category. Extra large breasts make women uncomfortable and they have problem in finding appropriate dresses for them. A-line dress is ideal for such a figure to create a balanced look.

You may have any type of plus size body but remember one thing that your confidence can do miracles with your personality. Whenever you wear any plus size dress feel as if you are the most beautiful and elegant women in this world, this will bring out your inner elegance and you will look gorgeous.

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