Post Baby Weight Loss… Nature’s Way

Most new mums looking to lose baby weight never realize how their metabolism plays a huge part in helping to shed excess baby fat and finally ridding themselves of their baby pouch. It’s the reason you feel full of energy. In short, your metabolism is responsible for converting the food you eat into energy” giving you the get up and go needed to get through a busy day and in turn by keeping going through the day helps burn valuable calories towards your goal of losing baby weight. Without it, you wouldn’t survive because it helps to provide energy to cells throughout your body” keeping them healthy and efficient. But of course, your metabolism is also the reason you can feel sluggish if you’ve gone without a meal or eaten the wrong type of food” especially if your food was high in fat, which means it takes longer for your body to breakdown the nutrients in the food. The good news, however, is that you can help to determine what happens to the energy in the food you eat” whether it is released to provide energy for your body or stored as fat. Foods to Look Out For The list of food types and the effect they have on your metabolic rate is almost endless, but here are some of the best foods to help you speed or rev up your metabolism are: Green tea, Apples, Fresh berries, Whey powder, Olive oil, Chicken, Turkey, Spinach, Green beans, Natural youghurt But even before the new baby gives you the time to go shopping for these foods, what can you do right NOW to make sure that your metabolism is at its best and helps you lose your baby pouch? It’s iherb coupon code.
The most important thing of all is to get into the habit of eating every 3-4 hours whenever possible. This works out roughly to 5-6 smaller meals or snacks a day instead of the usual ??????three square meals.’ As luck would have it, this is the typical feeding routine of most new babies, so you won’t even have to watch the clock. You can just make sure that your (smaller) meals are taken around the time that baby has a feed. By giving your body smaller portions to work with, you won’t be giving it too much energy for its immediate needs” so the extra won’t go straight to your hips. And since your body naturally burns the most calories just after you’ve eaten, eating more often can ramp up the amount it uses! Plus, don’t forget to drink plenty of water which will not only help keep you hydrated and feeling full of energy, which in turn also gives your body a boost, staying hydrated also keeps your metabolism doing its job. Losing weight after having a baby can seem frustrating for most new mums, but putting yourself on a strict diet can not only be harmful to yourself and your baby, it can also be counter productive… which at the end of the day, will only mean you going around in circles with your weight!