The Coolest Way of Shopping Food While Customizing Your Shipping Box

The Coolest Way of Shopping Food While Customizing Your Shipping Box

The ecological design of the packaging is becoming more and more the standard of the packaging industry. Of the three Rs of the ecological culture (recycle, reduce and reuse) at least one is always present in the eco-friendly packaging.

We produce more than 1 kg of garbage a day per person. However, a significant fraction of the waste we generate can be reused or recycled, so the wisest industries are now investing in the commercialization of biodegradable, eco-friendly or recyclable products of high quality and available costs.

Environmental Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

A group of young entrepreneurs looking forward to evolving in a green world have launched their eco-logical vision of an online supermarket. In this market one you will not only pick up between the best freshly picked organic fruit and vegetable, but you will design and customize one useful box where your orders will travel and then keep it for reusing as you best prefer as well.

The idea of ecological boxes at home, a healthiest option with many flavors, comfy food-bag, seems to be one of the best ideas someone could have had this year.

How Does It Work?

You choose your ecological box and the settings to your liking: only fruit, only vegetables, or mixed fruit and vegetables; Individual/couple or family size, then after completing your shopping list, you turn into a professional designer (your gift will be the ecological box that will carry your delicious food after purchasing, so the idea is that it is the one you like the most) so you create it and customize it as you best prefer according to your measurements and needs. Isn’t it the funniest way of going to the supermarket while having a coffee in the comfort of your sofa? I believe the shopping of the future.

The boxes and packages are made of 100% recycled paperboard, elaborated from sugar cane, in natural characteristics or anti-grease for individual meals; you get an optimal impression in polychromes or 1 single ink.

With no compromises, you may first choose a test box and then if you like to change to weekly box you can do it, so you do not have to be pending. As a very adaptable option, you can consult what your box carries and modify what you want on the web; you can also add products like eggs, milk, and meat, among others.

Organic farming involves much more than the fact of not using chemicals. All organic products must have been grown or produced without any chemicals. If it is a fruit or vegetable, soil fertilizers, and pesticides of any kind cannot be used. If it is an elaborated product, it cannot be carried out or made from transgenic ingredients or any unauthorized chemical additives.

Craftsman is the role that every future person who gets involved (workers plus buyers) in this style of world contribution is playing. Wise artisans, because both customized boxes and food will be unique and exclusive, just supporting that when things are done by hand and care, they have, at the very least, exceptional quality. Will you switch to the personalized pro-earth shopping way?

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