The Nokia 7373 From Nokia – Stunning Beauty Meets Amazing Features

The Nokia 7373 From Nokia – Stunning Beauty Meets Amazing Features

The Nokia 7373 is a beautiful phone. The phone is an upgraded version of the popular Nokia 7370. It is another very special addition to the award winning L’Amour Collection. The phone combines the technical brilliance of L’Amour collection with Giambattista Valli’s creativity. Giambattista Valli is a top fashion designer who has designed this extremely elegant mobile phone.

The phone is being produced in two colors that are extremely enticing. The colors add to its appeal. The Nokia 7373 is for those people who crave beautiful things. The phone surely is an addition to the world of glamour.

The Nokia 7373 is a symbol of luxury and amazing architecture. It arguably is one of the most appreciated handsets from Nokia’s L’Amour collection. The mobile phone features an ethnic pattern. It has a compact swivel design. The design gives the phone a completely fresh look. It also has a perfect grip to be fit in the hands of users.

The phone is swivel designed. This is a little different from the fold design. There are no buttons on the front side of the phone it. To its advantage, it does add beauty to the phone. However the phone features can not be used without opening the phone. This is a big disadvantage. This makes it less user friendly.

There are also a variety of features in the amazing Nokia 7373. it is fully loaded with a high performance 2.0 MP camera. The camera has a 8x digital zoom. The camera lets the users take quality pictures. The phone also has a music player. There is also a built in FM radio and many more features. The phone offers everything to make the users happy.

In comparison to its predecessors, the Nokia 7373 offers something extra. The phone has an expandable memory card support. It can be increased up to 2GB. This lets you add more multimedia and other data files efficiently. The users can also download music tracks or share data. The phone has Bluetooth and USB for this purpose. Truly the Nokia 7373 is a complete package for every user.

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